Kitchen Section

Wash Basin Brush

This brush finds effective use in the cleaning of Kitchen sinks, Wash Basins and also Crockery. It can also be used for cleaning utensils/vessels or flasks.

Kitchen Wiper

It is used mostly in the kitchen for e.g. kitchen platforms, dining table. Cleaning is done with the sponge-net side, while drying is done by the rubber-wiper side.

Nylon Scrubber

This product is used in common household utensils scrubbing & cleaning. It consists of nylon  net.

Steel Scrubber

This product is for scrubbing/ scouring all kinds of utensils, pans, cookers etc. It consists of steel net.

Kitchen Clothes

This product is used in common household, furniture, floor cleaning. it is made up of cotton with the type of Checks, Yellow &  Floor etc..


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